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Flying Asheville Violinist

Here are a few images from a recent promo shoot for a local Asheville musician. Marc Hennessey is a looping violinist and an extremely gifted composer, who tours around the country. We wanted to create several different looks for his new website. Some involved flying up in the air and some more poetic arrangements in the studio. These images were all done in the same day, in about 6 hrs. You can find more images and amazing violin music on his website at!

All images © Copyrighted LG PHOTO and TAMDF.

professional headshot asheville

Professional Headshots in Asheville

Professional Headshots in Asheville

One week I ended up shooting headshots for five different lawyers in Asheville from competing firms! It was quite amusing to find out. Here are a few.

lawyers in asheville nc

I love doing all kinds of headshots in Asheville! Although I often shoot corporate and business headshots, my favorite clients are the creative types – actors, writers, musicians, etc.

To see more professional and corporate style headshots please visit my other website AVL HEADSHOTS.

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Asheville Snowy Times

We got 6 inches of snow almost overnight! I recall this happened last year too, and a photo shoot got postponed due to icy road conditions. Luckily, both times I’ve been snowed in, in Asheville I had my camera and could still get some snaps for entertainment at least. Hoping the warm breeze starts heading this way soon so I can get to the studio to take your picture. The image above is of a local AVL musician who loves playing in the snow! His music embodies enthusiasm and energy that would melt icebergs. ❄️️

And here is snowy image of the studio building that Duncan caught last year. Really love the contrast of the sky and snow here. Thanks Duncan!






Actor headshots in Asheville

Actors are some of my favorite folk to work with! Why? because they usually have character. Pun intended. I do quite a few actor headshots in Asheville, NC over at the River Arts studio. Sometimes, actors who are applying for specific roles will need shots that will fit the role they are applying for. This is a whole lot of fun, both in front and behind the camera. Asheville is a creative mecca, so many actors eventually wander off here. I don’t know all that many other photographers in Asheville who specialize in working with actors. Maybe you are out there and we just haven’t crashed the same party? In any case, acting headshots are a delight for me, and I welcome any inquiries from aspiring actors in Asheville and surrounding areas. If you are super tight on budget, drop me a line and we will work out something that fits us both. Below are a just a few samples of actor headshots I have photographed in Asheville.





Products, and more products..



4 collage4

I’ve been doing a lot of product photography lately. Photographing jewelry is a lot of detail orientated work and can be time consuming. Here are just a few pieces from hundreds of images shot. Some location work and some at studio.





Handpan players are so of my favorite subjects! Probably because I have a mild obsession about this instrument. Here are a few selects from HANGOUT USA 2016 Handpan gathering in Asheville, NC. It was quite fascinating to photograph almost 30 portraits in 2 days. I didn’t get to attend any workshops due to the fact I was working to get these shots, but I did meet a lot of handpan players from all over the world: Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and many other countries. Some of the most epic handpan jams and concerts happened at this event. These shots were taken with natural light underneath an old barn.

Kali Handpan Goddess


Philippe Gagne, Canada


Carlos Rodriguez aka Kabecao, Portugal



Jacob Cole tuning his Tabla.


Character Stories with a Rockstar

I’ve been doing a lot of character portraiture recently. Here is a little preview from one of my musician shoots, with local singer and songwriter Jeff Thompson. Jeff was really mellow to work with and wanted his teddy bear in the shot. He is also a brilliant comedian, which is what connected us in the first place. We wanted to re-create some scenes taken earlier this year.



Editorial for a Medical Product

These images were shot at the AB tech science lab out in Candler. Technically, I had to wear goggles for some of the rooms, which made it really hard to focus the camera. Then the lead scientist informed me I could do without goggles on special permission. Phew! This shoot was done to illustrate the manufacturing process of Vazzello – a medical/health product coming out very soon.






Yogi Editorial



These photos were used for a flyer/mailer that went out for Long Time Sun Yoga’s Gong Healing Sessions.



Music in the mountains

A few of my favorites from October 2014 with the local singer and songwriter Searra Jade. I love doing musician portraits in Asheville! These were shot over at the Vance Historic site in Weaverville, on a beautiful Autumn day.







Zen and the art of arranging stones..

One of my outdoor shoots was postponed due to rain, which gave me time to start working on a box of products for Shamans Market winter promotions. It’s amazing what you can do with a window and couple of reflectors. 😉 Yes, I do shoot with flash, and quite frequently, but sometimes I really love the look of natural light. It seems especially fitting with nature sourced ingredients.


Tuning Handpans..

I had the great pleasure of spending a couple of weeks in a handpan tune shop earlier this fall. I can’t give away the secrets here of course, but here are a few documentary shots I caught of the tuning process. I can tell you it involves hours of painstaking hammering, tuning software, and a lot of patience. Anyone thinking of getting into this must have plenty of Virgo in their chart. 😉 Thanks to Mr. Rivera and his lovely wife for so graciously hosting me during my visit.





The Blue Ridge Pkwy last fall..

A postcard from the edge.. of the blue ridge mountains, with a handpan. October is definitely my favorite month. This shot was taken around this time last year. It is part of my Handpan and Hang series. More will emerge from the archives soon. Thanks to Saraz for being part of this magic.


Fall colors in Asheville with handpans

Kara needed some current portraits for her work and music promotions. (She plays handpan and a Halo at the Asheville Salt Cave). We roamed around the countryside in Swannanoa, just outside my studio, and found several ideal spots for capturing some fall magic. We also visited a friendly goat farm, climbed over a dangerous electric fence, and got kicked out by security guards while shooting on private property. Pretty typical photo shoot stuff. Kara was such a joy to work with, and we caught several different moods by changing lighting and location.




I love Thumbtack!

I was recently voted #1 on the Best of 2015 Headshot Photographers in Asheville! Pretty exciting. I love Thumbtack because it’s largely based on customer feedback. You can see the list of winners here. This year (2016) I made 2nd place because apparently you cannot get voted #1 twice in a row.

WONThank you for this lovely surprise gift that happened right around my birthday!