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Flying Asheville Violinist

Here are a few images from a recent promo shoot for a local Asheville musician. Marc Hennessey is a looping violinist and an extremely gifted composer, who tours around the country. We wanted to create several different looks for his new website. Some involved flying up in the air and some more poetic arrangements in the studio. These images were all done in the same day, in about 6 hrs. You can find more images and amazing violin music on his website at!

All images © Copyrighted LG PHOTO and TAMDF.

Vintage Beauty Circa 1940’s

Here are some oldies from a few years back. The lovely models were Marie and Marlowe. Both girls really embodied the era and look I was going for. I’ve always admired a certain sincerity and poise that women in the 1950’s and 40’s seemed to have. Even if they were flirty, there was an innocence to it. I don’t get to photography many personal projects these days, as there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Hopefully I will have some time next year to explore more behind the camera.

Asheville Snowy Times

We got 6 inches of snow almost overnight! I recall this happened last year too, and a photo shoot got postponed due to icy road conditions. Luckily, both times I’ve been snowed in, in Asheville I had my camera and could still get some snaps for entertainment at least. Hoping the warm breeze starts heading this way soon so I can get to the studio to take your picture. The image above is of a local AVL musician who loves playing in the snow! His music embodies enthusiasm and energy that would melt icebergs. ❄️️

And here is snowy image of the studio building that Duncan caught last year. Really love the contrast of the sky and snow here. Thanks Duncan!






Smoked handpans in the studio..



For this shoot with Saraz Handpans we rented a fog machine. It was very, very foggy in the studio. Taking pictures of handpans (also sometimes referred to as the hang drum) is one of my obsessions. It’s not as easy you’d think.. yes, it’s a shiny, and round metallic object. But the real challenge is in making it look interesting, and adding some dimension. Luckily, I had the best model I could hope for (Josh Rivera), who also happens to be one of the finest percussionists I know in town. Thanks to Marie for smoothly operating the smoke for us. 🙂



Handpan players are so of my favorite subjects! Probably because I have a mild obsession about this instrument. Here are a few selects from HANGOUT USA 2016 Handpan gathering in Asheville, NC. It was quite fascinating to photograph almost 30 portraits in 2 days. I didn’t get to attend any workshops due to the fact I was working to get these shots, but I did meet a lot of handpan players from all over the world: Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and many other countries. Some of the most epic handpan jams and concerts happened at this event. These shots were taken with natural light underneath an old barn.

Kali Handpan Goddess


Philippe Gagne, Canada


Carlos Rodriguez aka Kabecao, Portugal



Jacob Cole tuning his Tabla.


Mexican Cowboy Time


I’ve been traveling in Mexico for almost 2 months now, and have not had much time for blogging. But here are some Mexican countryside portraits of my favorite cowboy in Mexico!



..and these kind of cowboys sometimes shape shift into deer, when the night falls. Pretty weird but fascinating also.



Twin Study Session


For an avid student of human nature, this was one of the most interesting assignments I’ve had for a while. I’ve always had a deep fascination with twins. As a little girl I was convinced that I had a twin that was left at the hospital or adopted to another family. I got very frustrated with my mom for not remembering my twin. Then, when I was old enough to get a passport I left home and traveled around the world looking for my twin. But that’s a story too long for this blog.

Both of these twin girls have very different but sweet personalities. Observing the differences in taste, movement, and sound, lead to some refreshingly different images. Not your typical family portrait session! Without explaining it away in too many words, here are some visuals.






Character Stories with a Rockstar

I’ve been doing a lot of character portraiture recently. Here is a little preview from one of my musician shoots, with local singer and songwriter Jeff Thompson. Jeff was really mellow to work with and wanted his teddy bear in the shot. He is also a brilliant comedian, which is what connected us in the first place. We wanted to re-create some scenes taken earlier this year.



Behind the scenes on a fashion shoot..

shoot3Here are a few sneak peeks and a behind the scenes snap from a fashion and beauty shoot done at Studio 27. Thanks to Duncan (who runs studio 250) for these backstage shots, and for being an amazing help that day. I was sick with a cold and fever on the day of the shoot, and even staying up was a stretch.

Luckily, my model was a breeze to work with, and her makeup and hair looked gorgeous thanks to the skills of Marlowe Frey. We had originally planned on shooting at studio 250, but the space was accidentally double booked. The resourceful Duncan found us another last minute solution, and we got upgraded to a much bigger studio – thank you!



Yogi Editorial



These photos were used for a flyer/mailer that went out for Long Time Sun Yoga’s Gong Healing Sessions.



Music in the mountains

A few of my favorites from October 2014 with the local singer and songwriter Searra Jade. I love doing musician portraits in Asheville! These were shot over at the Vance Historic site in Weaverville, on a beautiful Autumn day.







Fall colors in Asheville with handpans

Kara needed some current portraits for her work and music promotions. (She plays handpan and a Halo at the Asheville Salt Cave). We roamed around the countryside in Swannanoa, just outside my studio, and found several ideal spots for capturing some fall magic. We also visited a friendly goat farm, climbed over a dangerous electric fence, and got kicked out by security guards while shooting on private property. Pretty typical photo shoot stuff. Kara was such a joy to work with, and we caught several different moods by changing lighting and location.




I love Thumbtack!

I was recently voted #1 on the Best of 2015 Headshot Photographers in Asheville! Pretty exciting. I love Thumbtack because it’s largely based on customer feedback. You can see the list of winners here. This year (2016) I made 2nd place because apparently you cannot get voted #1 twice in a row.

WONThank you for this lovely surprise gift that happened right around my birthday!